Commercial water treatment

From car washes to dentists and commercial construction sites, SweetWater Systems can design, install, and maintain your process water treatment systems.


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Service and Repair

We repair and provide preventative maintainance on most brands of water filters, reverse osmosis units, and water softeners.

button. It is like having your own personal water ​​filtering plant in 

your home or office.

With the high hardness and total dissolved solids that is present in Arizona drinking water, a simple water filter just isn't enough. A multi-stage reverse osmosis system is the most logical and cost effective approach for drinking water. SweetWater Systems offers three different types of drinking water systems, all based on the reverse osmosis purification process:


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Coolers are most popular in business applications, where one cooler can support up to 20 employees at a time. We have an exclusive relationship with the top water cooler manufacturer in the US, and can offer commercial-grade coolers that feature stainless steel tanks, activated oxygen injection, and the only system that automatically sterilizes the tank daily for your protection. Not only do these coolers provide the best tasting water, but their durable metal construction will provide years of trouble-free operation. Our customers regularly save 20% compared to bottled water.  

Bottleless Water Coolers

A bottleless water cooler has a built-in filtration system that gives you bottled water quality water without the bottle, and can provide ice cold and steaming hot water at the push of a 

save you time and expense. We have several different systems to economically address a few trucks to a large fleet.

In the hot Arizona weather, don't forget the ice! We can provide purified water to an existing ice machine, or provide you with both water and ice based on your unique situation.

Under-sink reverse-osmosis systems

Undersink units are a great option when space is tight or less water is consumed, such as in a small office or home environment. The system is mounted conveniently under a sink, and provides water via a dedicated drinking water faucet. We only sell the highest quality commercial grade units, and can customize the number of stages, water production, and storage capacity to meet your needs. We can also add an undersink chiller, so the water is ice cold out of the faucet.

Fill stations - Frequently fill up large containers of drinking water, such as filling coolers for construction or route trucks? A custom SweetWater fill station can

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