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Under-sink Reverse Osmosis System

How is our system different?

  • The most important (and expensive) part of your reverse osmosis system is the membrane. We use high quality Filmtec membranes, not cheap generic units. Most residential systems come with a 8 or 12 gallon per day membrane, maybe 18 GPD... ours makes 24 gallons per day. With our system, you will get better quality water, it will refill faster, and the filter will last longer.

  • The faucet is often a weak link in the system. Most systems come with a cheap plunger value with a black plastic lever and rubber seals. Those wear out and leak. Our chrome faucet uses a ceramic valve and a rotating chrome knob to control flow. You will get better control, it looks better, and it will last significantly longer.


  • The body of the systems themselves is another huge difference. Most are made to minimize the price, at the expense of durability and maintainance, such as integrating the various valves and couplings in to the housing itself. Sure it saves a few cents during manufacture, but it means it will cost significantly more to repair and maintain down the road. Many use proprietary filters that are expensive and low performance. We use big 10" by 2" filters that will last. Our systems are made in Arizona to our specifications, and use high quality components throughout. Even if you are not an expert, the difference in quality is obvious.

Enjoy delicious purified water from the comfort of your own home. Get our four-stage, commerical grade undersink RO system professionally installed by one of our technicians for only $399 anywhere in Maricopa County. Regular price is $499, this is over a 20% discount.

Don't settle for a cheap big box store systems that don't last, or installation that will end up leaking down the road. These are the same systems that we use for commercial applications, installed by technicians with an average of over 15 years of experience.