We're Green!

You don't have to sacrifice service, equipment, or pricing in order to go green. With SweetWater Systems, going green not only saves the environment - it saves you money!

The environmental impact of bottled water is profound:

Fair and Reasonable Pricing
Everyone needs to watch their budget these days. Our pricing policies are designed to be fair, transparent, and easy to understand.

It starts with our "no nickel and dime" pricing policy... there is one flat rate for our services, no hidden charges. Unlike some companies, we never charge a fuel surcharge, filter replacement costs, or annual maintenance fees. With us, you get one upfront price, and that's it. Simple, predictable, and easy.

The Right Equipment

Great equipment means delivering water that is safe, tastes great, and is always available when you want it.


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Why Sweet Water Systems?


  • Many empty bottles end up in land fills rather than being recycled
  • Bottled water is delivered in giant trucks that release greenhouse gases and congest the roadways
  • And to top it off, you have all sorts of paperwork to keep track of how many bottles you used, fuel surcharges, etc.

At SweetWater, we work hard to ensure our business practices benefit the environment. We strive to be as paperless as possible in our billing and administrative practices, which is efficient for us and our customers. We drive small service vehicles that conserve fuel and reduce pollution.

  • The production of the bottles themselves requires vast amounts of electricity or natural gas, both of which are produced by fossil fuels​

Installation, maintenance, and service is done by our courteous, insured, and experienced professionals who graduate from our rigorous training program. Our average technician has over 15 years of experience with water treatment.

Great Service

At SweetWater, great service comes first. We take care of all the details, so you can focus on your business. In the event you have a question or issue regarding your water, our local office is here to help. We're easy to reach and are completely responsible for solving your problem. Most of the time we can handle inquiries over the phone, but when a service call is necessary, we can usually be there in a matter of hours, not days.

Choosing the right company to provide water service shouldn't be hard. It all really boils down to a few key elements:


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You got it. We'll work with you, not force you into a one-size fits all agreement.

Finally, we want the price to be fair. We may not be the cheapest, but let us show you why we are the best deal. We want customers for life, which means treating you fairly, providing regular maintenance and filter changes, and making sure there are no surprises.

We are an authorized dealer for several top water treatment manufacturers, and we will work with you to get the right equipment to meet your needs, be it a professional office or a factory floor. We only sell commercial grade equipment that is designed to not only deliver pure water, but do so reliably for many years to come. We take extra steps to make sure the little details are right, like installing automatic leak detectors as standard with all our water cooler installations and using safety clips on our fittings. The industry standard is to skip these steps.... we hold ourselves to a higher standard.


We do business the way you want to do business, with flexible terms to suit your objectives. Want to lock in the best rate for a few years so your costs are known? No problem. Want to buy the equipment up front and just have us maintain the system?